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1/7/12 - Thanks to the Zafren's for the spaghetti dinner, thanks to Mike Price for setting up the tent, thanks to Jane Henegan, Jim Werner, Cheri Goodman and Katie Piraino for the snacks! Thanks to Diane Prince and Chris Zafren for the warm drinks! Thanks to the Deal's for the latest photos. So sorry if we missed anyone! You are appreciated. (please let us know if you helped and we didn't mention you)

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Friday, January 6, 2012 Bartlett 3k Skate
BOYS 3.2k
Prince, Jake 08:42.5 
Muffoletto, Matthew 08:45.7 
Schulz, Garth 08:49
Turney, Taylor 09:06.7 
Tarbath, Forest 09:28.2 
Cosgrave, Hugh 09:30.7
Truskowski, Connor 09:50.5 
Bassett, Jake 09:56.2 
Templin, Micah 10:13.2 
Thorndike, Tim 10:16.
Metzger, Peter 10:24.1 
Nakada, Tadhg 10:55.1 
Johnson, Zachary 11:00.5 
Hepler, Lucas 11:05.6 
Deal, Cole 11:18.2 
Glen, Andrew 11:23.5 
Werner, Jaminson 11:26.3 
Ruckhaus, Nigel 11:26.6 
Neptune, Jacques 11:34.6 
Szweda Mittelstadt, Gill 11:34.8 
Duffy, Patrick 11:45.9
Seaman, Mat 11:51
Bulkow, Rowan 11:54.4
Goodman, Stuart 12:31.6 
Kline, Carson 14:27
Spencer Outz 14:38
Garrod, William 14:39
Marsh, Peter 14:41
Cao, Jessen 17:46
Islam, Maaz 24:34
McDonald, Cory 27:47
GIRLS 3.2k
Hunt‐Smith, Taryn 09:58.0 
McMullen, Mykaela 10:29.8 
Spencer, Ann 10:50.6
Price, Anna 10:53.6 
Hopkins, Mira 11:01.9 
Wheatall, Elizabeth 11:29.4 
Okeson, Alex 12:02.0 
Xavier, Hannah 12:05.6
Pruszenski, Jordan 12:57.2
Barnhart, Erica 13:19.0 
Templin, Melissa 13:23.0
Culver, Lauren 13:54.3
Zafren, Rachel 14:09.8 
Morones, Madeline 14:11.1 
Nault, Connor 15:40.0 
Bruce, Fiona 15:41.3 
Harren, Ava 16:05.9
Hamre, Britta 16:06.6 
Stanley, Jocelyn 16:16.8 
Neptune, Hayley 17:06.6
Hamre, Celeste 17:20.1 
Jones, Haley 17:36.0 
Jones, Sarah 17:56.6 
Zyatitsky, Ilana 18:02
Hanson, Maria 18:03
Dym, Alexis 18:04
Kozyvenko, Anna 19:15.3 
Exelby, Marissa 20:49
Li, Tammy 22:35


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MISSING: Lighter Blue ski bag with classic skis and poles and Brian Adams name written on everything. Last seen just before Christmas Break. Please check at home. Thanks!

MISSING OUT OF SKI ROOM: Large Green duffle with ski pants, lobster gloves, hat, Service ski warm up jacket. Please contact Carson Kline.

MISSING OUT OF SKI ROOM 12/10/11: Silver Salomon Combi Ski Boots Women's Size 9 - See Christine Richter or a coach. GIRLS, please check to see if you accidentally have them.

LOST 11/30/11 - Black Toko ski pants with Robin Ruckhaus' name on the tag. Please check the tag of your pants and see if they may be hers? See coaches if found. Thanks.

ALSO check here for any lost and found items at any of the races. posted by the NSAA club.Lost & Found
Email us and we will post it on this site too.

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2. Check the white board outside the ski room for daily workout
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