Booster Club News

Article I - Name

Service Ski Team Booster Club (SSTBC)

Article II- Objective

The exclusive objective of this organization is to positively promote and support the Service High School Cross Country Ski Team.

The Service Ski Team Booster Club exists with the sponsorship of the Head Running Coach. This booster club will operate with the full cooperation and coordination with the coaching staff and administration of Service High School; Service High School (SHS) is a public secondary school in the Anchorage School District, located in Anchorage, Alaska.

Article III - Membership

Membership in the Service Ski Team Booster Club is open to all adults interested in the Service High School Cross Country Ski Team on a no dues, no membership fee basis.

Article IV - General Meetings

All members may attend the regular meetings of the Service Ski Team Booster Club. The Board, consisting of elected and non-elected officers, will meet at least once a month during the regular sports season. The President will establish the meeting schedule with the mutual consent of the Board. The President may call special meetings, providing the membership is notified in advance of the meeting.

Article V - Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Club is from July 1 through June 30. At the last regularly scheduled meeting of the Board, and prior to June 30 of each year, an inventory of Club assets will be prepared by the Treasurer and turned over to the incoming Board, who will assure physical responsibility for such assets. Financial reports will be prepared by the Treasurer and reported to the Board and/or members at each meeting.

Commitment and expenditure of Club funds rests under the authority of the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer. No other chairperson or general member has this authority.

Article VI - Election of Officers

Election of officers will be held at the last general meeting of the Club, or at a scheduled Board meeting. Officers will be elected for a term of one (1) year, with terms of office corresponding to the fiscal year. The President will appoint a nominating committee to assist in the nomination and selection of new Board officers. The nominating committee should prepare a slate of nominees that fairly represent all ability levels and interests of the team.

All nominees are to be placed on a written ballot. Prior to the election, nominations from the floor must be entertained, and, if any, added to the ballot. The election will be by secret ballot, with all nominees eligible for each office until elected. The new officers will be elected by a majority vote of the members present. The Board will consist of elected and non-elected officers.

A. The non-elected officers are:

President: Will be the Head Coach of the SHS Cross Country Ski Team

Vice President: Will be Assistant Coach of the SHS CC Ski Team appointed by the head coach

Vice President: Will be Assistant Coach of the SHS CC Ski Team appointed by the head coach. These two positions should represent coaches working with skiers of all ability levels and interests on the team.

B. The elected officers are:

Vice President Liaison



C. The Board may, at its discretion, appoint a student team member to serve as a non-voting liaison at Board meetings.

Article VII - Duties of Officers

The President or his designee will preside at all club meetings. He/she will ensure financial responsibility and continuity of the Club. He/she will have the authority and responsibility to make all appointments, as outlined in Article VI. He/she will make all committee chairperson appointments, unless otherwise noted in these bylaws.

The Vice-Presidents will assist the President and act in the President's absence. They will help plan, coordinate, and direct all fund raising projects of the club. The Vice President Liaison shall have responsibility for obtaining or presenting committee reports from each committee at regular Board meetings, as well as coordinating the planning of the annual business meeting.

The Secretary will keep minutes of all meetings of the Club and will be responsible for maintaining the permanent file of all business and physical assets. He/she will handle such correspondence as the business of the Club may require, including notices of regularly scheduled Board meetings.

The Treasurer will collect all funds from fundraisers. He/she will keep all financial records and prepare financial statements to be presented to the general membership at each meeting. He/she will oversee specific chairpersons of committees supporting the financial aspects of the program.

No officer or member shall be a paid employee of the Service Ski Team Booster Club, or be entitled to any payment for services rendered to the SSTBC.

An elected Board member may be removed when one or more of the following occur:

1 The officer misses four (4) consecutive meetings without due cause.
2. The officer misrepresents the spirit or intent on the SSTBC.
3. The officer engages in activity detrimental to the SSTBC.

Removal of an elected Board member requires a majority vote of the Board. The person in question may represent him or herself, but will not have a vote. An officer may resign at any time by submitting a written resignation to the President.

Article VIII - Committees

The SSTBC will create committees that support the efforts to fundraise, and promote the organization of activities for coaches, athletes, and parents of the SHS Cross Country Ski Team. Each committee will be assigned a Chairperson responsible for overseeing the planning and enlistment of volunteers. The Chairpersons will report to the Vice President Liaison.

The committees that support the SHS running program may include, but are not limited to: Pre-race meals, team program banners and advertising, communication, fundraising, filming, travel planning, awards banquet, and race support. More may be established or consolidated as decided on by the Board.

Article IX - Bylaws

These bylaws may be recommended for amendment at any regular board meeting. Voting must be done at a later meeting called for that purpose. The president may appoint a by-law revision committee that will review the by-laws with a view of keeping them in accord with the continuing and changing activities of the club. Amendments to these by-laws will be approved with a quorum of members present and voting.

Article X - Distribution of Assets

Two designated officers of the SSTBC must sign all checks written for the benefit of the SHS Cross Country Ski Team. The President and one other elected officer will have the authority to sign checks to be distributed to purchase goods or services for the business of the booster club.

Equipment and supplies purchased and donated to the SHS ski team become the exclusive property of the team.

The President of the Board can dissolve the SSTBC by withdrawing his sponsorship. In the event of the dissolution of the SSTBC, all assets of the organization shall be transferred to the Service High School Cross Country Ski Team Activities Account, administered by Service High School Activities Office. In the event that the head coach position becomes vacant, the SSTBC will become dormant.

These bylaws were enacted on: 6/7/02

Signed by Service Activities Principal: Mike Doody

Signed by SSTBC officer/parent representative: Gail Strid