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Season Photos
We will add your season photos here!

January 16

If you take photos at the races, please consider posting them to Google Photos (it is free and simple to download) or any other online service. That way you can keep adding photos to your account any time! We will then post a link to your "photo album" here.

Thank you in advance for signing up to volunteer. We could not do it without your continued support! Thanks for submitting the team fee so the skiers experience will be awesome!

Your Service Coaches

Jan Buron - Head Coach, c 360-2510
Peter Van Tuyn
Henry Arend
Jani Lane
Suzanne Ward

PARENTS NOTE: If you need to let us know your child is missing practice, have questions, or want to let us all know about an issue, please use the link labeled Email All Coaches button above to email all coaches your note. If you want to send individual coaches a personal note, feel free to use the links above.

Derek Hazen groovin' with the tunes! 1st mascot on skis!

Trail Grooming Update
Current Temperatures
Glen Alps Conditions
Kincaid 248-UWAX


Weather Stations around Anchorage

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Please check the handbook for requirements to receive participation.
Parents, if you would like to know where you kids are participation wise, just email their coach throughout the season. We take attendance daily. We love to hear from you!

Families that ski...

Become a member of the NSAA to help fun trail grooming!We encourage all families to become members of the NSAA - this helps pay for trail grooming and maintenance.

Service High Activities

Contact the Activities Office


Anchorage School District Web SiteRead more about the Anchorage School District Sports Activities

Read HS Sports Activities Manual

Coaches Team Goal

Athletes develop Nordic Skiing as a life long sport while improving their skills and developing a sense of accomplishment. Healthy body healthy mind. Simple.

Welcome to the 2016-17 Service High School Cross Country Ski Team

The green scrolling bordered box below is updated by
Head Coach Jan Buron often.
Check it nightly. It may change often.
Download or View PDF Schedule Below

NEXT RACE: FRIDAY-Saturday, dec 9-10
lynx loppet 2 day race at kincaid

Friday, Dec 9, Noon Start - 5k Classic
Saturday, Dec 10, 11 am Start - 5k Freestyle

At Kincaid

NSAA Race Details

Saturday Start List by Time (Refresh page)
Saturday Start List by School (Refresh page)

Friday Race Start Time: 12 Noon - Course Map

  • 12:00p interval CL start (1 skier every 15 seconds)
  • A/B Boys followed by a 5 min gap
  • A-F+ Girls followed by a 15 minute gap
  • C-F+ Boys followed by a 15 minute gap
  • Open Boys (2-3 km) will offer a shortcut from the main course
  • Open Girls (2-3 km) will offer a shortcut from the main course
  • *Start times are subject to change.

Saturday Race Start Time: 11 am - Course Map

  • 11:00 start Freestyle Pursuit
  • 11:00a B+ Girls (top 100 from Friday’s B-F+ races)
  • 11:45a B+ Boys (top 100 from Friday’s B-F+ races)
  • 12:30p A Girls
  • 1:15p A Boys
  • 2:00p Citizen Race (on alternate course cutting off compression/stairway to heaven section unless it snows more)

AWARDS NOTE: Everyone must stay until after awards at all races.

Race Results links are on our site. See Race Results at left.

SKIERS - dress warm: Be prepared to any weather. If it is cold out, please dress warm - your ears must be covered, hats worn, men...wind briefs, neck know the drill.

Skate Ski Tips that will help you prepare!
Watch These Skate and Classic Ski Videos

Secret Ski Buddies - A Fun Tradition!
The ski team chooses to do something called “Secret Ski Buddies”
On race days skiers give their designated ski buddy a gift. It should not be expensive, fancy, or anything complicated. Some kids make things, some draw things, some give candy, bandanas, lip balm, useful inexpensive ski items….nothing crazy. The captains set up a list and will tell each skier who the buddy is that they are assigned to give a gift to for each race.  The fun is in trying to get the gift to their person without them finding out for the entire season. This should be driven by the kids, but it’s helpful if the parents are aware of this to help keep it on your skier’s radar. While it’s never 100% that every skier actually remembers to give their buddy a gift – or that their buddy shows up for every race….it’s a fun team building aspect that the kids like to do.

Spaghetti Dinner, Sat Dec 10, 6:30-9:30 pm
@ Garnett's at 9800 Basher Drive, Phone or text 907-440-0791
Juniors please bring desserts

We have a boat load of good ski technique videos.
Everyone should browser through them to pick up some good technique before each race and thoughout the season. You will be ahead if you do.


E-NEWS From the Booster CLub - Sign up!

Below are the email blasts that were sent out to parents. If you did not receive one, please email Lauri Bassett at to get your email added to our list so you don't miss out!

November 29, 2016 E-Blast
November 4, 2016 E-Blast
October 18, 2016 E-Blast


ALL necessary paperwork MUST to be turned into the Activities Office BEFORE you are able to ATTEND practice and/or get practice credit.


2016-17 Fees

Registratiom Forms

Return the following to the Service Activities Office:

Return the following to the Service Coaches and/or read completely:

The below information is mandatory ready to be on the team. Thanks.

Team Information Sheet

Team Handbook


The ski team is a family. The coaches and skiers depend on parent volunteers to create a very positive experience for the athletes.

To inquire about volunteer opportunities, please contact

Please Volunteer Today


Order your team jacket (mandatory), hats, etc. More Info

Team Order Form


All skiers and parents are required to read the team handbook fully.

Skier Contract


Important Links to Get Started

Details to get started, purchase, equipment, etc.
E-NEWS From the Booster CLub - Sign up!

Below are the email blasts that were sent out to parents. If you did not receive one, please email Lauri Bassett at to get your email added to our list so you don't miss out!

October 18, 2016 E-Blast

  1. Spaghetti Feed Hosts
  2. Coffee Pickeruppers
  3. Race Snacks
IMPORTANT NEWS and Links to view

Service Race Day Routines - Every skier must read

Video Ski Techniques - get learned up!

We have a boat load of good ski technique videos.
Everyone should browser through them to pick up some good technique before each race and thoughout the season. You will be ahead if you do.

new to racing? RACE TIPS and RULES
New to racing on the team? Please read the tips about racing below:
  • View Technique Videos
  • Eat a healthy breakfast and drink plenty of fluids. Bring extra snacks (healthy bars, fruit, etc.) to have handy too. Some races you will have to wait a few hours before your start.
  • Hats and ear coverings are required to go out the gate - neck gaiters if it is real cold
  • Typically you will wear long underwear under your racing suit top and bottom - NO COTTON ANYWHERE!
  • Piercing? Remove metal jewelry - you can get frostbite
  • Men, wind briefs - need we say more?
  • When you arrive at race venue coaches will be handing out your bib. DO NOT LEAVE, stick around until you get yours, then you can go warm up before your race start. No bib, no race.
  • You MUST have your bib on the outside of your racing uniform, it can not be covered
  • Remember to warm up 15-20 minutes before your race time, run with high knees for 5 - 10 minutes then warm up on skis, you want your muscles to be warm before you leave the gate!
  • Watch your start time - listen to the announcer to call your wave. (Hint: Watch for bib numbers ahead of you, typically the smaller the numbers the sooner they start)
  • Can you get out of your skis quickly? Practice this in case you run into a moose on the trail!
  • Thank the NSAA Green Grunt Volunteers that are out there running the race - for you :-)
  • Don't be nervous. About 1/4 of all skiers in our High Schools are new at racing so you aren't alone!
  • Trail Etiquette when racing or on a leisurely ski
  • Download this list
Other tidbits

NOTE ABOUT RIDING BUSES TO RACES AND NOTES NEEDED: If your parents are going to take you home for the race, please bring a note in the morning and give it to the coach that is on your bus. You can only go home from a race with your own parents, you can’t go home with another skier or their parents.  upd


Cleaning our your garage? If you have equipment (skis, poles or boots) that you would like to donate to the team, we could use them! We use this equipment for our foreign exchange students. Contact us

SKIERS please read these weight room rules

Skiers you must either get a gym locker (see your PE or Ski coach) or put your bag in the ski room during practice.  Some skiers had things stolen during the first workout.  DO NOT leave bags out in the locker rooms during practice. WRITE YOUR NAME ON EVERYTHING -- Socks, Boots, Skis, Poles, Bags, Hats, Neck Gaiters, Long underwear, Forehead - EVERYTHING! You will be glad you did.

PLEASE REMEMBER, DO NOT WEAR ANY COTTON (sweatshirts, pants, socks, etc.) otherwise, you will not be able to attend practice. Hypothermia is real andfor the skiers own safety, we have to enforce this.

Parent's Emails Needed - PLEASE send us your emails if you haven't already, so we can keep you up to date on the latest from the coaches. We want to stay in touch.


Everyone must wear a team jacket - it is our team uniform. If you were not able to purchase one, we do have a few jackets we can loan out for the season. Please contact one of the coaches.

Skiers and Parents - Please remember all skiers are asked to pay a small team fee - $40 - you also become a Booster Club member. This covers the spaghetti dinners, snacks, banquet, etc. Use the Team Order Form above and then mail in your form to the address at the bottom of form. Thank you.

Buff Woof!You will get a warm and cozy fleece neck buff ... an important accessory while either watching your skier race or skiing on the trails yourself!


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Get Started - Read First

Please Volunteer!

Booster Club

Service XC Ski Team Facebook pare
View list of Volunteer
s & sign up sheets

Lost and Found


ALSO check here for any lost and found items at any of the races. posted by the NSAA club.Lost & Found
Email us and we will post it on this site too.

Our Ski Team (To Be Update)

If you weren't here when we took the photos - PLEASE email us your photo and we will add it.

Captains Information

Read what it takes to be a captain and application

SKIERS - Do you have any concerns, comments, anything? Let your captains know - they are there for YOU!

Daily Practice Routine

1. Be dressed out and ready for practice BEFORE our daily meeting at 2:20
2. Check the white board outside the ski room for daily workout
3. Meet with your coach in the area they specify. IF YOU DO NOT SKI WITH YOUR COACH, YOU DO NOT GET CREDIT FOR THAT DAY (unless you ski with another coach for just that day and that coach confirms it is okay. Keep in touch for your safety.
4. New to the hillside trails? Print out a map and take it with you during practices.
5. Enjoy the ride!


Trail Maps


Hillside/Spencer/Tour Area
Hillside Lighted Loops Area
Kincaid Trail Map

Other Anchorage Maps

Waxing Skis

Skiers - you are responsible for waxing your own skis however, the whole team waxes the day before each race. Don't forget, we have a wax clinic in November that is mandatory - this is a great place to learn to wax your skis!

Read How To Wax and more!

Toko - Alaska Race Wax tips
Swix Wax Wizard
Swix Ski School

Buy / Sell Equipment
Want to see something cool?
Fly-over Earth From NSAA ISS
Polar Bear Live Cam
SORE IS GOOD! Find out why...


Zafren for opening her home to our Booster Club Members, Lauri Bassett for emailing our members updates, and Jen Aist for the new photos! Thanks to ALL the help at our race at Service! Thanks to all of you that brought snacks. WE COULD NOT DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

We can not run such a large, talented, ski team without your help. Please sign up to help if you haven't done so already.